3 decades of experience of 3 decades of experience of providing solutions for the Power Generation Industry

Turbine Blades

Since the inception of the organization, we have been manufacturing blades and components of various design and for various customer. These ranges from a meager  200 KW single stage/row steam turbine to 250 MW steam turbines with up to 22 stages/ rows. These blades have straight , tapered and twisted aerofoil sections. The size of these blades ranges from 30mm to 760 mm in length.  We have manufactured various compressor blades for Industrial gas turbine ranging from 5 MW to 20 MW. The execution becomes complicated because of its critical geometry, tolerance and aerofoil profiles and these blades undergo inspection at various sections of development. Materials used are high grade high chromium heat and corrosion resistant steels.


We have manufactured various components for steam turbine such as Nozzles, End Segments, Packing rings, caulking rings, spherical washers, Liners and Laybrinths etc to name a few. The material used are both ferrous (ranging from regular mild steel to special steel) and non ferrous (Brass, Bronze, Phosphorus bronze, aluminum and copper )


We have successfully manufactured various components, assembled and tested using customer’s test rigs of various complete assemblies used to control and govern the steam turbines. The assemblies when finished range from few kilograms up to 2.5 tons in weight. Various components such as stub shafts , oil pipe fittings etc for steam turbine governing  assemblies. Worm and worm wheel sub assemblies, port side and starboard side nozzle and diaphagram sub assemblies including riveting and TIG welding.