Precision engineering suppliers to the global Aerospace Industry

Aero Engine Blades

We manufacture inlet vanes which are used to regulate the inflow of the air into the engine, fan blades and compressor blades with critical dimensions and geometry.  The accuracies are in the range of 5 to 10 microns. Other criticality is the surface finish of these blades as these needs to be uniform without undulations. The leading and trailing edge of the blades are crucial as they need to be maintained at close tolerances. We specialize in manufacturing of components using special metals such as various grades of Titanium alloys, Inconel alloys and Nimonic alloys. These metals itself poses quite a challenge for execution due to the very nature of these exotic materials.

Structural Components

We have manufactured various structural components such as helicopter seat belt assembly where we have manufactured the required tooling and successfully executed the complete assembly, the passenger door components with various design configuration both LH and RH for a family of aircraft. Most of the structural components have negative draft angle, very thin wall cross section, less than 3 mm in thickness and larger span (up to 1200 mm in length) which are challenging to manufacture as these requires detailed process planning, execution and stringent quality plans.

Hydraulic Components

We have manufactured various types of small and medium sized fuel line manifolds used to distribute un-interrupted fuel and other essential fluids to various parts of aircraft. Most of these manifolds have tapered threads. These manifolds again have close tolerances and critical geometry. We have manufactured components out of castings, Forgings and blocks of aluminum alloys as per AMS standards.